I'm Ashe and I enjoy drawing cute and spooky things. My media sometimes jumps from digital to traditional, depending on the vision I have for the piece.

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Q: What kind of tablet do you use?
A: I use a Wacom Intous Pro Med, which I find has a very large working space!
**Q: What Programs do you use for your digital work? **
A: I mostly use Paint Tool Sai and then edit my pieces with Clip Studio.
**Q: What medium do you work with for your traditional pieces? **
A: I use a lot of gouache, India Ink, graphite , and sometimes watercolor. I'm all over the place!
**Q: Do you make tutorials? **
A: No, I haven't made any yet.
Q: How much are you commissions?
A: You can find all my commission info here : TBA

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Etsy : will only have personal work for sale.

Shop : will have personal and fanart pieces for sale.